The Beginning: Lawnmower for Sale

I know what you’re thinking. What in the world does a lawnmower have to do with growing a real estate company in Daphne, Alabama. Many of you don’t know the story from the beginning, so I’ll take some time to fill you in…

Shamrock Properties was quickly growing out of our office space in Daphne. We wanted to purchase a space in Baldwin County within the Spanish Fort, Daphne and Fairhope areas known as the Eastern Shore. However, this is no easy task in a market that is as competitive as our real estate market is in Baldwin County.

Shamrock Properties Prior Location

We searched high and low for a new office space for Shamrock Properties across the Eastern Shore. Finally, we thought we found the jackpot renovation project. An older house for sale in a prime location on Highway 181 and County Road 64 right smack dab in the middle of Daphne, Alabama. Dreamy, right?

Lawnmower for Sale {Or a massage! Anyone?!}

After knocking on the door and talking with the owner of the property, come to find out the house wasn’t for sale and the lawnmower on the side of the house WAS for sale. Utilizing his stellar negotiation skills from his lifetime career in real estate in South Alabama, David was able to purchase the home from the owner (including the lot next door) and find the owner a new home down the road in Fairhope.

Before the Renovation

This home needed an overhaul in order to be turned into a real estate office. We wanted to maintain the character and cottage feel that the property had while restoring it with traditional southern charm. The renovation took about 3 months and was contracted out by Shamrock Properties‘ preferred contractors. The home was gutted down to the studs in many areas in order for it to be renovated properly and the size and locations of each room were thought about in great depth. (even the light switch placement!)

After 3 months time, the renovation was complete and the former little Shamrock Properties office became a giant office for only 3 people with lots of room for expansion to accommodate more agents and managers. As we have been steadily growing, our new offices have been filling up with agents and staff members which we consider family. With the right people in place, Shamrock Properties holds the foundation for solid growth and progress, whether the Baldwin and Mobile County markets are quiet or booming.

Shamrock Properties

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